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Rebecca King
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Kylie Davies

About Rebecca (Teacher)

Rebecca is the Owner, Director and Teacher of Flourish Kinder.


Rebecca has over 25 years of teaching experience which has included teaching in mainstream classrooms, teaching children with additional needs and working as the Head Teacher for a very large Special Education Service.


She now works full-time as the Kindergarten Teacher here at Flourish Kinder.

She is passionate about providing a loving and caring Home-away-from-Home. A safe and nurturing space within which your child can laugh, play, make friends, develop a curiosity for learning, and build upon ethical understandings such as kindness, fairness, respect and the responsible use of of our natural resources.

Rebecca has attained a Bachelors Degree in Teaching, and she holds a current Blue Card and First Aid certification including CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. 

About Kylie (Educator)

Kylie has worked supporting children’s development, learning and personal growth over the past 10 years. She has worked as a Teacher’s Aide in mainstream classrooms, supporting children with additional needs, and working in 1:1 situations with children with high level needs. 

Kylie is passionate about living a healthy life, minimising our impact upon Mother Earth, and taking care of our Emotional Wellbeing. 

She has set up her own consultation agency “Crooked House”, for which, she is the Children’s Life Coach. 

Kylie has attained a Certificate 3 in Educational Support and she holds a current Blue Card and First Aid certification including CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training.

Our Philosophy

While many of our teaching practices come from the indications of Rudolf Steiner, we are not limited to the beliefs and values of only one Philosophy.  We understand and embrace elements from the philosophies underpinning Waldorf (Steiner), Reggio-Emilia, and Developmental Schools.  We draw upon each of these philosophies and practices to provide the most exceptional standard of education and care to every child, every day.

We observe, engage with and actively listen to each of the children in our care, to create learning opportunities which are ‘tailor-made’ to meet the interests, strengths and passions of each child.  Therefore, our model of teaching is responsive to the unique learning needs and curiosities of every child, acknowledging their full potential and allowing them to flourish.