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Our play areas include vegetable gardens, trees for climbing, plants to attract birds and butterflies, a river bed with flowing water, interactive musical art displays and our pet chickens. This environment fosters a deep appreciation for our natural world.

The centre blends into our natural environment, creating an indoor-outdoor learning space designed to enhance your child's learning journey. Our beautiful facilities provide the perfect sanctuary for your child to explore, imagine and create wonderful new experiences each day.


We focus on providing the children with resources which are either made from natural materials, recycled or second hand, minimizing our foot print on the earth, whilst ensuring that all products used within our centre are non-toxic.

Our Holistic Care

Our Holistic Care

OurDaily Rhythm


8:00am     Inside Play

Flourish opens, children are welcomed and lovingly settled into our Home-away-from-Home. We start each day nurtured inside, with invitations for the children to explore new ideas and concepts, by freely interacting with our carefully selected resources and imagination-building play spaces.

9:15am      Morning Circle and Morning Tea

We join together for Morning Circle. This is a time to celebrate our place, our group and honour cultural and seasonal experiences. Song and Rhythmical verse are combined with thoughtful movement opportunities to strengthen the children's sense of belonging, while piquing the children’s curiosity and confidence to ask questions like "Why" and "How".

10:00am     Outside Play

Our Outside Play adventures are a time of breathing out. Our Guiding Educators hold space for the children to explore and choose their own play experiences from the environment around them and a variety of open-ended, natural materials. Doing this allows the children to initiate their own ideas and to find their own Voice. This supports children to develop a stronger sense of self, enhance their social, communication and negotiation skills, advance their Problem Solving abilities, and allows for maximum child-led creativity and FUN!!

11:30am    Story Time and Lunch

Our Story Time is one of our favourite rituals of the day. Our Stories aim to inspire our imaginations, expand our understanding of the world around us and encourage ethical and moral awareness as we engage with Stories that touch our hearts. We share our love of literature in a number of ways including story books, puppetry, props, re-tell and role-play. 

12:30pm      Rest Time

This is a quieter time of the day, when children are encouraged to enjoy independently settling into relaxation with a cosy bed, calming music and our collection of Picture Books. This time allows the children to refresh for the afternoon of fun ahead. We complete our relaxation with a few minutes of Mindful Breathing which we refer to as our Golden Time. 

1:00pm        Inside Play and Afternoon Tea

2:00pm        Craft-ernoon and Outside Play

Each day we come together to enjoy a shared activity which is inspired by the Children's curiosities, Seasonal changes that we notice around us and our weekly Immersion. Our activities include Art Works, Hand Crafts,  Portfolio Pieces, Science Experiments, Cooking, Gardening, and More. 

4:00pm       Home Time

We say goodbye for the day, Flourish closes, and we look forward to our next play!!

Our Prices

We are a government approved Kindergarten program.

The childcare subsidy can be accessed via MyGov and

claimed by those who are considered eligible following their assessment.

$120 per day 

$95 per day if attending 3 days or more

Our Prices

If you enrol & pay on the day of your initial visit the enrolment fee will be reduced from $150 to only $60!


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